27.06.-14.07.2007 Nordkaptour der Z-Gemeinschaft

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27.06.-14.07.2007 Nordkaptour der Z-Gemeinschaft

Beitragvon Peter » So 14. Feb 2010, 20:04

Alle Bilder gibt es hier

Download Planung Deutsch als *.pdf

Download Planung Englisch als *.pdf

Info von den Z-Freunden Norwegen

Hi there!

Here's a plan of our trip to The North Cape the summer of 2007. The aim is to go to the
North Cape first and then attend the annual Norwegian Z1 Rally on the way down.

A trip with lots of great scenery and nice Z1 people is guaranteed!

Now remember, you're welcome to join in on the travel plan anywhere you want. You may also
ONLY attend the Z1 rally if you like. There are no special rules here. We just want
to have a really good time with lots of Z1people.

So far, in addition to lots of Norwegians of course, it looks like we will have Z1 people
from Sweden, Finland, Scotland, England and Germany attending. So pretty international, eh?

Anyway, the plan is as follows:...........

Our trip to The North Cape starts from Oslo on Saturday 30th of june 2007!


We start the first part of the journey at roughly 10:00 in the morning. We drive on
road number E6 all the way to the town of Trondheim. We plan to go on a little while
further and spend the first night in VERDAL. We have local Z1 friends there. At the
moment they're checking out a suiteable place to rent cabins or a camping site to stay.

The driving distance is roughly 600 kilometers / 373 miles. Estimated driving time is
7 hours and 30 minutes. That is if you stick to the speed limits.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000168799


We start off in the morning again and head for SALTDALEN which is the place for this
years Z1 rally (which we will of course attend on the way down from The North Cape).
This place is situated roughly in the middle of Mo I Rana and Bodø. The rally site is
very close to the E6 main road. The closest two small towns are Storjordet and Bergånes.
However I doubt they will show up on most maps.

We have local Z1 friends in the area and they has suggested we spend the night at:

http://www.nordnescamp.no/index.php?id= ... f9950da707
Phone 00 47 (outside Norway and then) 75 69 38 55

Driving distance is roughly 520 kilometers / 323 miles.
Estimated driving time is 6 hours.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000237173

We will have the possibility to drop whatever luggage we want at Saltdalen and leave
it there until we get back from our trip up north. And it will be locked in so it will be safe.


As before we take off in the morning and aim for the town of NARVIK.

Driving distance is only around 300 kilometers / 186 miles. Driving time is about 4 hours.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000050576

We're unsure about weather there are any Z1 people in the area but we stayed in very
nice cabins ten years ago when we went to The North Cape. The name of the place is:

Phone 00 47 76945810 / 48210238


We start off in the mornig and take off in the direction of the town of ALTA.
This is going to be our base camp when we take off to the North Cape.

Driving distance is 520 kilometers / 323 miles. Driving time is estimated
to about 6 hours.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000209927

We have Z1 friends in the area and they're checking out a suitable place for us
to stay. We are also welcome to stay at the local bike club's area. That's what we did
ten years ago. There's gonna be lots of opportunities both for camping and renting cabins.

We spend the night in ALTA and head off to The North Cape the next morning.


Off to The North Cape. Not far to drive, Only 240 kilometers / 140 miles one way.
Estimated driving time 2 hours and 50 minutes.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000038090

We spend the day hanging out at The North Cape, maybe go for a cruise in the most
northern town in the world, Hammerfest, and we've got lots of time to check Alta
out as well. There's a pretty good pizza joint in Alta by the way.

We spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Alta.


We take off from Alta and head south again. If the weather is bad we go directly to
Narvik and spend the night there. If the weather is fine we take off a little bit before
Narvik and head for LOFOTEN.

LOFOTEN is a semi island going out in the North Sea and has some incredible scenery
and fantastic motorcycle roads. We will head for the town of SORTLAND.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000530496

Driving distance from Alta is roughly 640 kilometers / 398 miles. Driving time estimated at 7 hours.

We haven't got any designated place to spend the night. After discussing the matter with the
local Z1 heroes we've decided that we deal with that when we're there. There shouldn't be any
problems finding a place to stay. The good thing about this set up is that we can go further or shorter
depending on the scenery. Plus if the weather turns against us we'll be spending the night in Narvik anyway.


We leave Sortland and head for MOSKENES. That's as far as this half island stretches out into the North Sea
and also the place where we get on a ferry to go back to the main land. To the town of Bodø.

Driving distance is 210 kilometers / 130 miles. Driving time is 2 hours 30 minutes.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000230672

The ferry from Moskenes to Bodø runs regurlarly all the time and takes about 3 hours. Usually there
are lots of tourists at this time of year but motorcycles are always let on the ferry first. We don't
have to wait long in a ferry que with a motorcycle.

Prices are 132 Norwegian kroner (€16 / £11) for each person plus 215 kroner (
€26 / £1cool for a motorcycle. Prices might vary slightly by the time we're there of course.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000230672

After arriving in Bodø there's a 120 kilometer / 75 miles drive to get to the rally site. Not far at all.

http://kart.gulesider.no/kart/map.c?sta ... 0000237173

When we arrive there the 16the International Z1 Rally Norway has started!

We stay at the rally Friday, Saturday and to the morning on Sunday.


Von unserer Seite sind folgende Termine sind festgelegt

Mittwoch 27. Juni 2007 :
Abfahrt mit Gespannen nach Siek bei Hamburg

Donnerstag 28. Juni 2007 :
19:30 Uhr Fähre Kiel - Göteborg

Samstag 30. Juni 2007 :
10:00 Uhr Abfahrt Oslo - Shell-Tankstelle mit Z-Fans

Mittwoch 04. Juli 2007 :
Fototermin am Nordkap

Freitag 06.-08.Juli 2007 :
Z-Treffen (Rally) Treffpunkt ist Saltdalen.

Freitag 13.Juli 2007 :
19:30 Uhr Fähre Oslo - Kiel

Die Z1OC aus England hat abgesagt.

Donnerstag 09.November 2006 :
Vorbesprechung beim Stammtisch

Treffen zur Besprechung

Wann : Donnerstag 31.05.2007
Wo : Heiningen Gasthaus Krone
Uhrzeit : 20:00 Uhr
Teilnehmer :
- Reiner
- Sven
- Wolfgang
- Peter

Ziel :
Festlegung was wird mitgenommen ?
Wer beschafft was bis wann ?
Lagerung bis zur Abfahrt in Murr in der Halle.
Sonstiges wie Fährenbuchung. Bitte Unterlagen
zur Überweisung mitbringen !!
Grüße - Peter

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Name: Krauss
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Vorbereitung Laden

Beitragvon Peter » So 14. Feb 2010, 20:05

Termin 1 :
Donnerstag den 21.06.2007 ab 18:00 Uhr
Murr Haugweg 24

Vorbereitung zum Laden bitte
persönliche Ausrüstung mitbringen.
Anhänger Sven & Reiner sowie
Gasflaschen zur Inbetriebnahme & Test
Sitzbank in Bus einbauen.
Material herrichten nach Checklist

Termin 2 :
Dienstag den 26.06.2007 ab 12:00 Uhr
Murr Haugweg 24
Laden Bikes
Fertigmachen zur Abfahrt
Grüße - Peter

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Registriert: Mo 11. Aug 2008, 22:14
Name: Krauss
Vorname: Peter
Wohnort: 71711 Murr / Murr

Vorbereitung Termin 1

Beitragvon Peter » So 14. Feb 2010, 20:10

... oohhh jeeehhh - einer war nicht da,
Sven hatte auch keine Zeit....


Wolfgang war als erster hier. Wir haben dann
schon mal die Sitzbank in den Bus eingebaut
und die Ausrüstung sortiert und schon mal einiges


Endlich kam Reiner mit dem Hänger.

Zuerst antreten zur Flaggenparade.


Dann haben wir erst mal den Hänger angehängt
und - OH SCHRECK :shock: :shock: :shock:


Der Hänger paßte nicht ! Nach dem anhängen standen die hinteren
Räder von der Auflage ab, da die Kupplung am Bus relativ niedrig ist.

Was nun !?!?

Hektische Telefonate .... Kurzfristig wurde zum Plan A
zurückgekehrt - 2 Bikes in den Bus 2 Bikes in den Hänger von Peter.
Besetzung Fahrzeuge : 2 im Bus 3 im Audi.


Eigentlich könnten 2 Mann ja mit dem Zug fahren oder
mit dem Billigflieger nach Hamburg düsen ....

Also das ganze wieder zurück :
- Sitzbank wieder ausbauen und mit dem Stapler auf der Empore verstauen
- Hänger anhängen und die Z1000ST & Z1000A von Peter geladen und verzurrt
- Biertisch-Garnitur Geiselwind-gerecht im Hänger verstaut
- Rest schon mal bereitgestellt, daß es am Dienstag wenn alles geladen wird schneller geht

Weg mit Sven's - Hänger. Trotzdem Danke für das Angebot in Nutzen zu dürfen ...

Grüße - Peter

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