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7-8-9 February 2014 - Lingotto Fiere – Turin – Italy.

Two exhibitions in Turin dedicated to vintage and sports motoring shall once again open the Italians fairs’ season next year.
Associating the traditional AUTOMOTORETRÒ exhibition with the innovative AUTOMOTORACING has proven a winning option,
as results achieved in the last four editions have confirmed.

As a matter of fact, attendance jumped from 30,000 visitors in 2010 to 44,000 in 2013, with the number of exhibitors increasing
from 400 to 700. These have been steady and constant increments, the result of preparation work starting in actual fact on the
very closing day of the preceding edition.

Further growth is anticipated next year due both to sustained development of the vintage sector, which is going through a
lively time despite the circumstances and to flourishing yields from Automotoracing, which was greatly successful this year
with all the initiatives taking place in the OVAL pavilion.

Some manufacturers have understood the importance of exhibitions like these, in which even commercial initiatives can
find a slot given the awareness and responsiveness of the attending public.

As a matter of fact, over the last few years the use by manufacturers of their brands’ historical background in the areas
of styling, marketing, communication and promotion is ever more widespread. Which is to be seen quite significantly
in exhibitions like ours, where the vintage model is at times placed beside the new one it has inspired. Something which,
incidentally, is also to be seen in the motorcycling industry, i.e. with the new Honda CB 1100, a model taking after the
famous CB 750 of the 70s.

The usual bridging with the anniversaries of brands, models and competitions will be there too next year. Modeling taken
care of by Funtoys shall be there as well, as will spares and parts, printed matter and the world of auto memorabilia,
objects of every kind meant for collectors.

From an organizational standpoint the good news is that on Friday 7th the exhibition shall be opening at 10:00, which
will increase opening time by a full five hours.

Organizers are at work to devise innovative events to match visitors’ expectations, a challenge successfully
undertaken by AUTOMOTORETRÒ over the last 32 years.

Best regards
Segreteria AMR
via Demonte 1/D

I-10126 Torino

Tel. (+39)011-350-936
Fax (+39)011-667-05-17





Grüße - Peter

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