Wer kennt diese Z1000 Turbo

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Wer kennt diese Z1000 Turbo

Beitragvon Peter » Fr 10. Aug 2018, 13:23

Betreff: Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo!
Von: Knud Hjorth <knud.hjorth@gmail.com>
Datum: 08.08.2018 13:04
An: peter@youngtimerbikes.de

Hello Peter Krauss

I'm Knud Hjorth from Denmark and a big Kawasaki entusiast, especially modes from 1973 -1980.
I have 3 kawa's myself ( z900, z1000 and a Z1R)

A week ago or so I saw this Z1000 turbo (attached Picture) on facebook which is from the
40 years of anniversary of Z I think (I wish I had been there..!!)

I asked on FB whether it would be possible to get in touch with the owner of this beauty,
and 'Z1 Passion' replayed with your homepage : www.z-club-germany.de

Do you know the owner of this bike or his contact information?

Thank you

Best regards,

Knud Hjorth
e-mail : knud.hjorth@gmail.com

01-18-Z1000 Turbo.JPG
Wer kennt dieses Bike und seinen Besitzer ?
Grüße - Peter

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